At Baker Valuation, our foundation is built on the analysis and valuation of income-producing property.

Our brokerage and consulting services are driven by the underlying knowledge and skills of accurately valuing and appraising real estate.

Why should you consider Baker Valuation for your valuation needs? We have the education, the experience, the skills, and the technology combined with decades of experience in the market. Each member of our appraisal team offers expertise in a specialized sector of the market, allowing us to offer complete valuation services in all types of Commercial, Residential, and Industrial properties.

We offer each of our clients personal, professional service and prompt, accurate results.

We are available to interpret, extrapolate and explain our conclusions and opinions in a way that is relevant to you or your business. We ensure that you not only receive thorough, detailed reports with well-documented data and analysis, but throughout the process we make sure that you understand the results and can make profitable business decisions.

Valuation Results:

An appraisal is an estimate of  value. Three appraisal methodologies used are the Cost Approach, the Sales Comparison Approach, and the Income Capitalization Approach. It is important to know when to use which approach – or a combination of approaches – and how to weight the results from each method used. At Baker Valuation we are committed to surveying and maintaining thorough and accurate market data with our full-time research staff.

Property Appraisal Types:

Commercial Appraisals: Hotels, office, retail, convenience stores, land, industrial, SBA, Business Valuation, Machinery & Equipment

Tangible and Intangible Assets, TBA (total business asset valuation)

Residential Appraisals: Multifamily, single family, condominium projects, subdivision analysis, lots, acreage

Special Purpose Property Appraisals: Churches, Synagogues, Religious Facilities, Bio-fuel production facilities, ethanol plants, bowling alleys, cold storage facilities, aggregate mines

Industrial Appraisals: Manufacturing, light industrial, heavy industrial, warehouse, distribution facilities

Equipment, Personal Property, MachineryEquipment, Business Assets

We Provide Litigation Support & Expert Testimony.